Oh, The Metahumanity! (Oct 12-14)

Overall, I'd have to call this week's shows a small dropoff from last week's. Each show was the same little bit worse than before, which makes Flash the loser again this week for being dum and killing dudes.

The Flash: "Flash of Two Worlds"

If I have a problem with The Flash as a series, it's that the characters are frequently inexcusably dumb. JPeople who should know better completely fail to take into account the powers they're going up against for no good goddamn reason.

For example, the first two episodes of the season clearly sets up the possibility of two Earths, with people on our Earth having dopplegangers on Earth-2. Last week, they clearly saw a guy who was dead on Earth 1 show up here with superpowers. This week, they arrest a guy who they've been told is from Earth 2 and he doesn't have superpowers, so they let him go, and then he shows up again, and Joe assumes he's the Earth 1 guy without superpowers and gets knocked around by Sand Demon for his trouble.

And yeah, they haven't decided whether or not Jay Garrick is telling the truth or not, but for fucks sake, people, it's not that difficult to consider the possibility and act accordingly.

Anyway, the rest of the episode was fine, with lots of pulpy multiverse stuff, the new and slightly annoying Patty Spivey character as Joe's new metahuman task force partner and possible Barry lust object, and the revelation that Cisco will not in fact be a breakdancing version of Daisy from Agents of SHIELD but instead will essentially be clairvoyant, taking his Vibe cues from Jeff Goldblum and Cindi Lauper instead of DC Comics.

Also, apparently it's way easier to get over Ronnie Raymond dying the second time than it was the first time - first time took 80% of a season, second time, 80% of an episode.

Agents of SHIELD: "A Wanted (Inhu)Man"

I'm not sure how I feel about the Coulson/Daisy dynamic they're going with this season. It's too close to the Coulson/May, Coulson/Skye, and Coulson/Everybody dynamic that dominated the latter half of Season 2 - Coulson's making the hard choices and keeping everyone in the dark about it so they're angry and hurt.

I'm also not sure how I feel about Daisy/Lincoln's Inhuman romance deal. It doesn't seem natural, and that means it's either a bad move by the writers or an intentional bad move for Daisy by the writers. Either is not what I necessarily want out of my Agents of SHIELD.

Luckily, there were a few minutes of May beating the shit out of assholes, so this episode, which was much more sedate than last week despite all the running and yelling, was still pretty good. And the Fitz/Simmons stuff was good and the Coulson/Price thing is good so the whole episode was... OK, I guess. Missing subplots this week/ Nazi Fratboy, the continued absence of Deathlok.

Also, by my count, barry Allen is currently two for two at straight up killing Earth-2 metahumans while, on Arrow, Thea gets yelled at for setting one guy on fire. Seems odd.

Arrow: "The Candidate"

I am slightly disappointed by the end result of this week's Arrow. It seemed, in some ways, like the show was actually considering flirting with the "Tony Stark" version of Oliver Queen - the happy billionaire who doesn't mind everyone knowing he's Green Arrow. But instead of that, Ollie's running for mayor because he's the only mayor that can't be straight up murdered or kidnapped or family-threatened as soon as they announce their candidacy.

We also have the classic Arrow trope of taking a (relatively) famous DC villain and "adapting" them into a crazy guy in a jacket. At least this one survived the episode and, thanks to the abovementioned setting on fire, might be more interesting the next time this version of Anarky shows up.

And of course, I can't go without a brief mention of Laurel's Awful Fucking Idea, which basically undoes last season's Laurel Lance, Unlikely Voice Of Reason development so that Caity Lotz can be in Legends of Tomorrow. As stupid Laurel moves go, this is on par with her apparent non-stop refusal to use the neck-strapped sonic weapon that Cisco made her last year.