Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Oct. 5-8)

I'm pretty sure I put this off all weekend because I didn't want to think about the week that was in WWE. I still don't, so let's start with NXT Takeover.

Takeover: Respect was a pretty good show with a lot of great wrestling. The only problem is that half the show was devoted to the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, and while the three matches that made up the semifinals and finals were really good matches, the results and overall lack of a point continued my problems with the Dusty Classic before the show.

The problem with the Dusty Classic is that we kept being TOLD it was important and presigious, and then we were shown that it wasn't. A third of the matches in the Classic weren't even on TV, they were shown in shittycam highlight form from house shows. And the final match featured Rhyno and Baron Corbin vs. Finn Balor and Samoa Joe. For the record, that's an old star hanging around NXT for the paycheck, the current NXT champion, the current worst guy on the NXT roster, and Samoa Joe, who's, well, Samoa Joe. A bit past his prime, a bit overshadowed by Kevin Owens, and whose time in NXT has left me wondering what their goal is for him and what his goal is for himself.

You know who didn't make it to the finals? Jason Jordan and Chad Gable, the most exciting new tag team in NXT today, and Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, who are a pair of technically proficient guys who are trying to make their lack of character their character, but who are still a young, established part of NXT's tag division. Eitehr team would have gotten more out of being in the finals, or winning the Classic, than two guys who will never team again and two guys who should never team again.

Apollo Crews beat Tyler Breeze, in a perfectly acceptable match that I hope means something for both guys. I really like Tyle Breeze, but I also know his gimmick won't survive three shows on the main roster, so I hope there are plans for him instead of turning him into NXT's Ultimate Jobber.

And then we get to the women, and things pick up quite a bit. Asuka/Dana Brooke was everything I dreamed it would be, with Asuka proving to be an absolute monster. I mean, seriously, she's the fastest-moving, hardest-hitting, most sure on her feet woman the WWE has ever seen. I don't know if she's got all the pieces she needs the way Sasha Banks and Charlotte do, but for pure in-ring ability, she is completely unmatched. And it doesn't take a lot of acting for Dana Brooke and Emma to let us know that's the case.

And finally, the 30-minute Ironman match that saw Bayley getting her cementing second-straight win over Sasha Banks. This was a hell of a match. The story wasn't quite as satisfying as Bayley's win at Takeover Brooklyn, but how could it be? The match itself was a bit weird in spots from some mistakes and also the last-second submission finish, which wasn't really as dramatic as they intended due to slipups on camera and commentary.

But it was a hell of an achievement, so much so that I'm going to quash my mild distaste at the women's division still being treated like women instead of like wrestlers. There weren't flowers and tears for Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma after their All Night Long match on Lucha Underground - not on camera, at least. There aren't postmatch congratulations by everyone on the roster when two guys have a great match. Maybe there should be, but the show's fictions don't really support it. And while Sasha and Bayley deserved it for what they did, in context, all that respect seems a bit disrespectful.


Kane vs. Seth Rollins for the title at Hell In The Cell is now official, which is a shame, because they're great opponents when they're not wrestling each other.

The Rusev-Ziggler-Lana-Summer Rae thing has morphed, in Lana's absence, to a horrible engagement story where Rusev won't get engaged to Summer Rae until he has a championship.

Owens-Ryback at Hell In A Cell may actually be a Hell In A Cell match. Not sure if that's what they said, and not sure if that's a good idea.

Here's an idea. Maybe put your money where your mouth is about elevating your women's division on the main roster, and take a break from girl friendship drama to give Charlotte the definitive, impressive, clean, and decisive win she's capable of and needs against Nikki Bella at the PPV.

The New Day are getting more evil and more awesome with every show.

They're apparently building up to the Roman Reigns / Bray Wyatt match the same way they've built to all the others - having Reigns and his friends wrestle Wyatt and his friends two to three times a week every week for a month.