@midnight Power Rankings (Oct 5-8)

Oof. That was a rough road. Not to be that guy on the Internet, but did the @midnight bookers lose a bunch of bets this week? Most weeks I feel bad trying to figure out who the worst performer was, but this week, there was so much competition. I feel especially bad for Kurt Braunholer and Brandon Johnso, who spent a lot of time on the third podium struggling uphill. I don't know what was going on with the boddom three - the most kind assumption would be three pieces of performance art about being gay, being a douche, and screaming, respectively.

1. Paul F. Tompkins (Th)
2. Dave Foley (M)
3. Natalie Morales (Th)
4. Ken Jeong (M)
5. Suzy Nakamura (M)
6. Kurt Braunholer (T)
7. Brandon Johnson (W)
8. Randy Liedtke (Th)
9. Eli Roth (W)
10. Tom Lenk (T)
11. Ethan Embry (W)
12. Alexi Wasser (T)

Tuesday and Wednesday are both very skippable. Thursday had the sttrongest individual performances and Paul F. Tompkins doing his thing, but Monday was the strongest show overall despite being a cast of show for a quickly dying sitcom. I hope they get Dave Foley back again - he was really good in a way that's differnt from a lot of the best @midnight guests.

1. Monday
2. Thursday
3. Tuesday
4. Wednesday