Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Sept 28-Oct 1)

On the main roster side, despite there being a two and a half hour televised "event" from Madison Square Garden this weekend, there were, as far as I can tell, zero new story advancements this week.

The New Day are still feuding with the Dudleys, engaging in shenanigans and then trying to put the Dudleys through a table, only to have Xavier Woods go through a table. This basic pattern held through a six-man with John Cena on Raw (after an Open Challenge with Xavier Woods turned bad), a six-man with Kane and Seth Rollins on Smackdown, and the title match at MSG.

Kevin Owens is still retaining the Intercontinental Title through eyepoks and heel shenanigans. A match with Rusev on Raw ended mercifully quickly after both guys attacked Ryback, who was being awful on commentary. He then deliberately got counted out against Ryback on Smackdown and beat Chris Jericho via eyepoke at MSG.

Charlotte and Becky don't know if they should trust Paige or not. Paige abandoned them on Raw, they abandoned Paige at MSG. The other two teams are wrestling sometimes.

Neville and the Luchas are still wrestling Stardust and the Ascension in various combinations with no clear direction or plan.

John Cena still has the US Championship, defending it against Xavier Woods briefly on Raw and getting his second win in a row (shocker) against Seth Rollins in a cage at MSG.

Kane is still fucking with Seth Rollins, using his dual personality schtick and adding in a transformation deal, once in the back of an ambulance on Raw, and once backstage at Smackdown, ruining an otherwise interesting plot point where Corporate Kane was supposed to be ringside while Demon Kane was wrestling. Also, Kane cost Rollins the match at MSG.

Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt still hate each other. They beat each other up a lot on Raw which I somehow missed, and then Reigns challenged Wyatt to Hell in a Cell at Hell in a Cell.

The one buildup that wasn't part of a main storyline was Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar, whcih wasn't even the main event at MSG despite being the one promoted match at MSG. This was actually a surprisingly fun-ish match, with Brock bouncing up after three chokeslams and then delivering a bunch of almost German Suplexes and almost F5's to Big Show, who bumped as well as he could given the circumstances. Brockmonster is the closest thing to a "special attraction" WWE has to offer right now, and this kind of thing once every couple of months is fun.

Now that we're a couple weeks away from Hell In A Cell, though, maybe we could move some shit forward? Maybe we could settle some shit and move people on?


NXT Takeover: Respect is this Wednesday, and since half the card is the final three matches of the Dusty Tag Team Classic, and the main event is the Sasha-Bayley Iron Man Match, both of which we already know about, this week's show didn't do much in that regard.

What we did have was the announcement of Apollo Crews vs. Tyler Breeze, which, if handled correctly, could be the start of a decent feud for both guys. Shame the setup had to come at the expense of Gargano and Ciampa jobbing to each of them in singles matches, but at least they're still on the payroll.

And we got the buildup to Asuka-Brooke, which basically featured Dana Brooke realizing she's gonna get her fucking head kicked in, which I will tune in to watch because, well, to hell with Dana Brooke who's added nothing to the NXT women's division since Day One.