@midnight Power Rankings (Sep 28-Oct 1)

It's not a huge surprise that the week after Bunches of Funches would be a bit of a letdown. It's not an awful week, but overall, it is a mediocre one. A few standout performances, especially from the top three, but notice how they're all from different shows? Jack McBrayer's reticence to be there didn't seem to be much of an act, but he did well despite his obvious discomfort with the format, and I hope they can bring him back. James Davis was great as well - I'm pretty sure he's been consistently great across his three or so appearances, but I wasn't tracking this stuff the last few times he was on so I can't be sure.

1. Rhy s Darby (W)
2. James Davis (T)
3. Jack McBrayer (M)
4. Jen Kirkman (W)
5. Lauren Lapkis (T)
6. David Krumholtz (T)
7. Matt Walsh (M)
8. Rob Riggle (M)
9. Tom Lennon (W)
10. Randy Sklar (Th)
11. Jason Sklar (Th)
12. Sarah Tiana (Th)

Thursday's show is easily the most skippable, with fairly weak material overall not giving the panel much to bounce off of. That said, the "Gay Porn Star or Old-Timey Baseball Player" bit was notable, and worth tracking down even if you don't watch the whole thing. Wednesday's show was the standout unless you hate Rhys Darby on @midnight, which I would both totally understand and still despise you for.

1. Wednesday
2. Monday
3. Tuesday
4. Thursday