@midnight Power Rankings (Sep 21-24)

It's time to rate Bunches of Funches Week, and that means the rankings are even more arbitrary and capricious than usual, because after considering all the feedback nobody sent, I decided to individually rank all four of Ron Funches' performances separately, and that is a subjectivity nightmare of epic proportions. Only one funches falls below the midpoint, and even that's only thanks to very strong performances from John Hodgman and Yassir Lester.

1. Ron Funches (Th)
2. John Hodgman (M)
3. Ron Funches (M)
4. Yassir Lester (Th)
5. Ron Funches (T)
6. Doug Benson (T)
7. Ron Funches (W)
8. Chris D'Elia (Th)
9, Sara Schaefer (W)
10. Justin Willman (T)
11. Jessica Lowe (M)
12 Jesse Joyce (W)

Thursday's show was a surprise winner. I went into it having loved Monday's show, Chris D'Elia runs hot and cold for me, and while I like Yassir Lester, he hadn't stood out much during his one previous appearance. But this one hit those perfect loose, comfortable, fuckaround notes that makes for the best episodes. If you must skip, skip Wednesdays, but if you're debating whether or not to watch all the Bunches of Funches Week episodes, you have weird priorities.

1. Thursday
2. Monday
3. Tuesday
4. Wednesday

Next week presents a conundrum. Apparently, it will be Bunches of Funches week, with Ron Funches on all four episodes. So, do I rank him singly, or do I rank each of his four performances? Weigh in if you'd like.