Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Sep 21-24)

We'll talk about the WWE in a second, but it's all less relevant because LUCHA UNDERGROUND SEASON 2 IS OFFICIAL. Let's celebrate by embedding the final vignettes from Season 1.

Over in WWE, the main roster is in rematch hell right now. New Day are rematching with Dudley Boys. Ziggler and Rusev are still going at it. Ryback is still up against Kevin Owens. The Wyatts still hate Ambrose and Reigns. Neville and the Luchas are still sort of kind of facing off against Stardust and the Ascension. Some bullshit is still going on between Cesaro and Big Show, sort of. The only new things happening involve Kane, Paige, and Natalya.

Kane is clearly enjoying himself in what is ultimately a storyline that's the good kind of stupid. Kane shows up in a suit on Monday Night Raw, professing to know nothing about his Night of Champions actions. Maintaining a pure, kind-hearted innocence that's ingratiatingly over-the-top, then occasionally dropping into a pure, hateful, demonic persona for the occasional sentence, it's clear that Kane is fucking with people. And then he pulls Rollins through the ring to end the show, pretends to know nothing about it on Smackdown, and costs Rollins the match against Ambrose at the end of Smackdown.

It is the kind of ruse that does not stand up to the slightest bit of scrutiny. And it's a ruse that will eventually lead to Rollins wrestling Kane for the title, which will be barely watchable. But until then, Kane chewing the scenery against a more than capable mic worker like Rollins will make for good teevee.

Paige, meanwhile, turned... not evil per se, but certainly into a fuck-all-yall loner, ruining Charlotte's victory celebration, leaving team PCB, and in her own pseudo-Pipe-Bomb style promo, made it clear it was gonna be her against every single woman in the WWE. Including Natalya, back in the ring and looking only slightly less ridiculous than the gear she was sporting as Kidd and Cesaro's valet. Natalya seems to be aligning herself with team PCB. She's a good match to Charlotte with their dynasties in common, but unless the rust falls off quickly, she doesn't have the solidity and crispness that Charlotte, Lynch, Banks, and Paige has.

Paige's deal with Sasha appears to be gone, and it wasn't even used for motivation for her split. So now we have ten Divas, three thre-Diva teams and Paige, who will be chasing the belt while everyone else farts around for another month.

Meanwhile on the NXT side...

With the Dusty Classic turning out to be a dud, this week's NXT was all about Asuka. Her debut was great, then weird, then weird but great. She's got a great personality, but when confronted by Emma and Dana Brooke, she slunk off the stage in what seemed surprising and poorly thought out, until she stopped at the top of the stage, turned, and smiled at the ring.

I hope that smile is a promise of many, many kicks to Dana Brooke's head very, very soon. A dominant win is always a solid way to establish a new talent, which is why I'm a bit surprised Charlotte didn't get one over Brie Bella, instead giving her two "plucky wins against the injury odds" fights in a row.

The Vaudevillains, with the help of Blue Pants, got their cementing rematch win over Blake and Murphy. It's possible Dash and Dawson might be their next challengers, since the latter beat the former in an untelevised Dusty Classic match.

Speaking of which, showing the Dusty Classic through off-show clips and recaps is really killing the tournament for me. It's down to Corbin-Rhyno (boo), Joe and Balor (yay), Dawson and Wilder (meh), and either the Hype Bros (bleah) or Jordan and Gable (yay). My dread is that we're heading to Joe and Balor beating Corbin and Rhyno in the finals, with all of NXT's established teams left by the wayside. We'll see.