@midnight Power Rankings (Aug 14-17)

Fuck it. I'm giving the week to James Adomian, who did his entire episode as Bernie Sanders, because at one point, he pronounced "emjoji" as "emohee", which is about as close to genius as you can get. Heather Ann Campbell once again proved to be one of the best at this show, and Craig Ferguson acquitted himself nicely in his debut. Even Nick Swardson did well, overcoming a serious handicap - being Nick Swardson.

1. James Adomian (W)
2. Heather Ann Campbell (W)
3. Craig Ferguson (M)
4. Greg Proops (M)
5. Seth Green (M)
6. Kyle Kinane (T)
7. Nikki Glaser (T)
8. Mary Lynn Rajskub (Th)
9. Jon Daly (W)
10. David Koechner (Th)
11Jim Jefferies (Th)
12. Nick Swardson (T)

Show-wise, another one where I can'r really recommend skipping any of them. Monday's is the most solid, Wednesday has Adomian-Sanders, Tuesday has Kinane and Glaser killing it, and Thursday is mostly fine, and partly elevated by great bits from Rajskub and Hardwick.

1. Monday
2. Wednesday
3. Tuesday
4. Thursday

Next week presents a conundrum. Apparently, it will be Bunches of Funches week, with Ron Funches on all four episodes. So, do I rank him singly, or do I rank each of his four performances? Weigh in if you'd like.