@midnight Power Rankings (Sept. 8-10)

And we're back! A short week post-LaborAnd Day, in the old Daily Show time slot which doesn't really matter because, well, DVR. And they made it easy this week, with three good shows that started great and got a little bit less great each day. So that made the individual rankings really easy to put in order.

1. Paul F. Tompkins (T)
2. Andrea Savage (T)
3. James Urbaniak (T)
4. Kyle Dunnegan (W)
5. Hari Kondabolu (W)
6. Matt Braunger (W)
7. Paul Scheer (Th)
8, Jon Lajoie (Th)
9. Steve Ranazzisi (Th)

Even the "cast of" show was decent, since it was the cast of "The League". Also, Wednesday's and Thursday's eps featured extensive coverage of Chris Hardwick's new haircut, a haircut which is the literal opposite of extensive coverage.

1. Tuesday
2. Wednesday
3. Thursday