@midnight Power Rankings (Aug 17-20)

Oh, swet Jebus. If you're gonna go on a twoo week hiatus, go out with a show like Thursday's, which was an all-time classic by any standards. And it capped a perfectly decent week of solid episodes. But goddamn, Natasha Leggero knocked it out of the park with the joke of the... month at the very least with her Guy Fieri slam. Also, first-time guest Sam Morril did an amazing job, and made me really look forward to his impending episode of The Half Hour.

1. Natasha Leggero (Th)
2. Andy Daly (Th)
3. Sam Morril f(T)
4. Derek Waters (Th)
5. Lennon Parham (M)
6. Jessica St. Clair (M)
7. Wil Wheaton (W)
8. Mamrie Hart (W)
9. Bridey Elliott (M)
10. Felecia Day (W)
11. Beth Stelling (T)
12. iza Treyger (T)

Again, none of these are really skippable. And you've got another two weeks of no @midnight to catch up on them, but obviously, if you see anything, go out of your way to see Thursday's. I haven't watched the uncut version yet, but I plan to.

1. Thursday
2. Monday
3. Wednesday
4. Tuesday