@midnight Power Rankings (Aug 10-13

Another VERY good week for @midnight. You may notice Michelle Buteau at the top of this week's rankings. You may watch the show and wonder why that is. Well, you see, the ratings are capricious and arbitrary. I thought she got robbed by being knocked out first. It's part of a mildly troubling anecdotal pattern I've been seing of non-white-non-dudes getting the red light a LOT. At least the ones who aren't Ron Funches. Plus, I'm kind of folding her appearance on Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time, Period into this because, well, I can. And both feature the phrase "sit on a dick".

Meanwhile, much like Dave Hill, I want very much to like Rich Fulcher's thing and it continues to not happen.

1. Michelle Buteau (W)
2. Doug Benson (W)
3. Moshe Kasher (W)
4. Brett Gelman (M)
5. Janet Varney (Th)
6. Sarah Burns (M)
7. Jonah Ray (T)
8. Craig Rowin (Th)
9. Bobcat Goldthwaite (T)
10. Julie Klausner (T)
11. Nat Faxon (M)
12. Rich Fulcher (Th)

That said, Thursday's show is worth watching just for the interplay between Hardwick and Janet Varney. Although people with extreme cringe sensitivity might want to know that Monday's show featured a LOOOOOONG segment featuring incredibly painful videos of couples announcing their pregnancies throough awful song parody videos.The jokes are worth it but the videos will make you weep for humanity.

1. Wednesday
2. Monday
3. Tuesday
4. Thursday