@midnight Power Rankings (Aug 3-6)

I don't know if there was a deliberate attempt to load up this week's @midnight's with top comedy talent to take advantage of the added attention to the network from Jon Stewart's final week, but if that was the plan, then mission accomplished. This was a damn fine week of shows.

I feel bad for Ginger Gonzago, who would have been much higher on the list in any other week, and Rhys Darby, who had his least successful outing to date, although again, still pretty goddamned good. And bonus props to Jim Jefferies, for his first full episode where he never seemed to misunderstand the whole point of any games.

1. Ed Helms (M)
2. Aubrey Plaza (Th)
3. Ron Funches (T)
4. Jen Kirkman (T)
5. Al Madrigal (M)
6. Jim Jefferies (W)
7. Paul Scheer (Th)
8. Rob Heubel (Th)
9. Rob Riggle (M)
10. Ginger Gonzago (W)
11. Tom Lennon (T)
12. Rhys Darby (W)

Any one of this week's shows could have been the best of some other week. I wouldn't call a single one missable. Wednesdays is a notch below the rest and Monday's is especially notable for the finale, but we're splitting hairs here.

1. Monday
2. Thursday
3. Tuesday
4. Wednesday