Ultima Lucha

Many will say that the most important finale of the week was Jon Stewart's exit from The Daily Show on Thursday. But while I was watching that Thursday night, I was wearing my recently-acquired Lucha Underground t-shirt in celebration of the greatest finale of all time, ULTIMA LUCHA.

Lucha Underground's finale was everything that made Lucha Underground great. It wrapped up stories, started new stories, and was chock-full of first-rate in-ring action.

But let's start at the end, shall we? The last couple of minutes of Lucha Underground featured filmed vignettes featuring, and I shit you not:

  • Owner Dario Cueto and Black Lotus cleaning out the office and leaving in a black SUV, towing a horse trailer containing Cueto's monster brother, Matanza.
  • Fenix, carrying the Gift of the Gods belt, getting into a gold Trans Am with the firebird on the roof and driving off, followed by King Cuerno in a pickup truck.
  • Marty "The Moth" Martinez going full psycho, having kidnapped Sexy Star and wrapped her up, cocoon-style, in a basement room, saying "wait until you meet my sister".
  • The Trios champs taking off on motorcycles, with a seeming reconciliation between Son of Havoc and Ivelisse
  • Drago and Aerostar parting ways, with Drago returning to the underworld through a portal of fire, and Aerostar launching like a rocket
  • Pentagon Jr. and his newly-revealed master, Vampiro, uttering dark portents
  • A hooded Prince Puma spray-painting a yellow question mark on the Lucha Underground billboard
  • Owner Dario Cueto and Black Lotus cleaning out the office and leaving in a black SUV, towing a horse trailer containing Cueto's monster brother, Matanza.
  • A shot of Dario Cueto standing in front of the temple as the camera slowly pulls out and lights go off in sequence, leaving only the faint outline of Cueto's face dimly lit in red
  • The words "To be continued..."

This is how Lucha Underground ended their first season and what is the rough equivalent to their first "pay per view" style event. Total, brilliant madness.

What led up to this? Well, one of the great things about Lucha Underground is that all those vignettes stemmed from what happened during the show.

In filmed vignettes, Black Lotus, who's been Cueto's prisoner for weeks, decided to believe Cueto and killed El Dragon Azteca, who she believes actually killed her parents. As a consequence, Cueto has to abandon the Temple and build a new one (since they struck the sets and lost the location after Season 1 finished taping).

Fenix won the seven-way Gift of the Gods match, pinning Jack Evans. Marty the Moth interfered with Sexy Star because she took the Aztec amulet he thought he should have gotten. Daivari interfered with Big Ryck because, um... OK. That came out of nowhere and nobody cared. But the match itself was pretty great even if it focused too much on Ryck throwing small guys around.

Vampiro revealed himself as Pentagon Jr.'s secret master after the Pentagon beat him in a hellacious, old-school hardcore match that featured fluorescent tubes, blood, and a flaming table finish. It's the kind of match that gets old if it's run too often, but once in Lucha Underground's season, and the first time in many years a match like that has shown up on television? Brutal, shocking, and effective.

Prince Puma lost his championship to Mil Muertes, leaving Muertes, Katrina, and the Disciples of Death holding two of the three Lucha Underground titles. And Fenix holds Gift of the Gods, and Fenix and Muertes feuded all season long and had two of the best matches of the entire season.

Not included in the vignettes - a match between Alberto El Patron and Johnny Mundo, which was an excellent match that led to Mundo getting the win after his old WWE running buddy, Melina, showed up and hit Alberto with his own AAA championship belt. Patron got his revenge post-match, putting Mundo's head through a glass window just like Mundo did to Alberto when Mundo turned heel.

And in the least interesting part of the entire show and the entire season, Blue Demon Jr. beat Texano in a short match followed by Chavo Guerrero Jr. joining forces with Blue Demon in a twist that made no sense, like everything involving Chavo, Blue Demon, and Texano the entire season. But that's ten minutes out of a two hour wrestling extravaganza that sucked. Who else has a ratio like that? Nobody.

The one thing I didn't get, that I wanted, was an official announcement that there would be a Season 2, because I need a season 2. The world needs a season 2. Hell, the world needs a home video release of Season 1. Lucha Underground is the best thing that's happened to wrestling in a very long time, and it'd be a goddamned shame if there wasn't more of it.