@Midnight Power Rankings (July 27-30)

Sorry for the delay on this - I've been having shall we say time management issues. But it isn't that big a deal because really, all of last week was pretty damn good The biggest surprise this week was Jesse Joyce, who's been OK but not a standout on previous appearances, but really was firing on all cylinders. I mean, yeah, technically, he got beat out by Kurt Braunholer, but that's nothing to be ashamed of. Suzi Barrett also really hit hard on an otherwise lackluster Thursday show.
Individual Rankings:

Also, it feels like I haven't run the disclaimer in a while - individual rankings are capricious and arbitrary and generally do not reflect on the overall talents of the people involved, and yes, I know that editing and writing can affect performance perception.

1. Kurt Braunholer (W)
2. Suzi Barrett (Th)
3. Jesse Joyce (M)
4. Jimmy Pardo (W)
5. Jamie Lee (M)
6. Chris DeStefano (W)
7. Jordan Carlos (M)
8. Whitney Cummings (T)
9. Nick Thune (T)
10. Brendan Walsh (T)
11. Seth Morris (Th)
12. Matt Oberg (Th)

Thursday was sort of a "cast of" show, with the star and two producer-writers from America's Next Weatherman, but even that one's got some great stuff courtesy of the abovementioned Suzi Barrett. Best of the week was Wednesday, because it's tough to go wrong with Pardo and Braunholer.

1. Wednesday
2. Monday
3. Tuesday
4. Thursday