@midnight Power Rankings

@midnight comes back from a couple of weeks off with a fairly weak set of shows. Riki Lindholme walks away with the week's MVP, with special bonus points to Ashley Williams for a strong performance in the second half of an otherwise lackluster Jim Gaffigan Show ep on Wednesday. Also, that thing Matt Besser does every time he's on the show continues to almost, but not quite, work.

Individual Rankings:

Riki Lindholme (M)
Jason Ritter (M)
Michael Ian Black (M)
Alice Wetterlund (T)
Hari Kondabolu (T)
Ashley Williams (W)
Horatio Sanz (Th)
Jerry Minor (Th)
Randall Park (T)
Matt Besser (Th)
Adam Goldberg (W)
Jade Catta Preda (W)

Monday is the standout show by far. Tuesday gets a slight edge over Wednesday and Thursday - which of those you like better depends on whether you prefer a more consistent, medium level of "pretty funny", or a show that's half annoying or half brilliant. I like brilliance, so I'm giving Wednesday the nod.

1. Monday
2. Tuesday
3. Wednesday
4. Thursday