Destination: Cable Box (July 14)

Tuesdays are usually a big day for recordings, although with Inside Amy Schumer having wrapped its season last week, it's a little lighter than normal.

Another Period

It's broad, it's crude, it's brutal, and it's hilarious. It's chock full of comedy talent, and tonight, Jack Black sings "20't Century swimsuits" in an old-timey crooner voice which I apparently cannot get enough of.

The Meltdown With Jonah And Kumail

Easily the best stand-up comedy show since John Oliver's series. Mainstays of the LA Comedy scene doing weird and experimental bits and also fucking around backstage. What's not to like?

WWE Tough Enough

Shut up. It's awful, but I can't look away, except when it gets unwatchably awful, and then I look away. It's a combination of horrible reality show cliches, yelling, and a bunch of awkward live stuff where nobody except Paige is comfortable and Paige is fucking with EVERYBODY. Left to her own devices, Paige is incredible to watch, and she's left to her own devices for anywhere between two and four and a half minutes per hour episode.