Destination: Cable Box (July 11/12)

Couldn't post yesterday, but none of my regularly scheduled shows air on Saturday anyway. I did record Andy Samberg's "Seven Days in Hell" off of HBO and Bridget Everett's "Gynecological Wonder" special off of Comedy Central, but who knows when I'll get around to watching them.

On deck tonight:


I've been enjoying the revival since it started up this summer. Everything surrounding the fights is completely fucking ridiculous and overblown, but the fights themselves are fun and they do a nice job of establishing continuity with the old show.

Cutthroat Kitchen

Still the only show on Food Network that I make time to watch, rather than just having on in the background. Because it remains infinitely entertaining despite somehow having EIGHT "seasons" under it's belt. I can't remember the last week a new one wasn't on. I think it's constantly in production.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

Essential viewing every week. Quite possibly the best show I watch. If I weren't getting HBO on the cheap, I'd seriously consder spending the $15/mo for HBO Now exclusively to reward this show's existence.