Destination: Cable Box (7/9)

As an OLDNERD, I still use antiquated "Digital Video Recorder" technology for most of what I watch instead of streaming it on demand from a web-based subscription service like some goddamned cord-cutting millennial. Don't tell anyone, but when it comes to video, I even sometimes still buy physical media. I know, right?

Anyway, since I actually consume a shit-ton more media than I talk about here, I thought I'd take you on a day by day tour through my scheduled DVR recordings. This won't be a comprehensive list of what ends up on the DVR, because, well, relationships involve compromise. But it's the bulk.

For tonight, I'll be taping:

WWE Smackdown

Which is a funny way to start, given my intro, since I'd actually rather watch it on a streaming subscription service, but I can't. Anyway, we all know why this is here.

The Spoils Before Dying

IFC's "The Spoils Of Babylon" was one of my favorite things from last year - basically taking the Garth Marenghi's Darkplace approach to sprawling 80's miniseries' adaptations of sprawling 70's epic novels. Chock full of West Coast comedy talent, I expect the jazz-themed sequel to be right up there with the original.


It's weird to think that Marc Maron is in the third season of his basic cable sitcom already. Even these days, when it's a lot easier to get a basic cable sitcom than it used to be, lasting three seasons is no small feat. The show ranges from "pretty good" to "great" most of the time, although this season's early attempt to go deeper into drama with the flashbacks and the ex-wife was kind of clunky.

Comedy Bang Bang

Didn't this used to be on Fridays? I never stay current with the CBB TV show and usually polish off 3-4 in a row ever month because there's nothing topical about it. Tonight is the debut of Kid Cudi, replacing Reggie Watts as the sidekick as Reggie has moved on to more frequent things with a larger audience.