@midnight Power Rankings (June - July 2

This was a powerhouse of a week on @midnight. Honestly, I'm not even super-sure of these rankings. I know Wednesday's show was the weakest show by dint of only being funny instead of really fucking funny, but every single one of these is worth your time.

Individual Rankings:

Emily Gordon (T)
Kumail Nanjiani (T)
Zach Pearlman (M)
Jonah Ray (T)
Hannibal Buress (Th)
Pete Holmes (Th)
Bridgett Everett (Th)
Sara Colonna (M)
James Adomian (W)
Doug Benson (M)
Arden Myrin (W)
Brian Posehn (W) (who was right about AbFab)

The Meltdown show on Tuesday was the standout, thanks to the kind of chemistry on stage you can only get when all of the contestants are long-time friends and two of them are married. But Thursday's show was awesome for almost the opposite reason - low-key Buress, brash, filthy Everett, and self-aware goofy Holmes. I'm hoping to find time this afternoon for the uncut version.

1. Tuesday
2. Thursday
3. Monday
4. Wednesday.