@midnight Power Rankings (June 22-25)

Here's something that happens a lot on @midnight. The worst show of the week was a "the cast of" episode, featuring the cast of TBS's hair comedy, "Clipped". Here's something that happens almost never on @midnight. The best show of the week was a "the cast of" episode. But the cast was cast members from thej awesome "Another Period", so it almost doesn't count.

Biggest surprise of the individual rankings, Will Sasso, killing it non-stop as part of Thursday's "Another Period" episode.

Individual Rankings:

1. Will Sasso (Th)
2. Kate Micucci (Th)
3. Cameron Esposito (W)
4. Hampton Yount (W)
5. Dave Koechner (Th)
6. Sara Schaefer (M)
7. Todd Barry (W)
8. Randy Sklar (M)
9. Jason Sklar (M)
10. Lauren Lapkus (T)
11. Ashley Tisdale (T)
12. Ryan Pinkston (T)

The individual episode rankings break down like this this week. Make time for Thursday and Wednesday. Watch Monday if you've got nothing better going on. Tuesday's can be safely skipped. I like Lauren Lapkus on general principle, but there's not a lot going on show-wise.

1. Thursday
2. Wednesday
3. Monday
4. Tuesday