@midnight Power Rankings (June 15-18

Not only was it a very good week for the show, it was also a very good week for watching the show, as I got all four episodes seen by Friday. As always, who knows what the editing does, but it seems like Margaret Cho brought less to the table than I'd have thought. Ron Funches and PFT were MVP's as usual, and having them on the same show? Priceless. Big props to Little Britain's Matt Lucas, who really killed it on Monday.

Individual Rankings:

1. Ron Funches (T)
2. Paul F. Tompkins (T)
3. Matt Lucas (M)
4. Dave Hill (M)
5. Hannah Hart (W)
6. April Richardson (T)
7. Matt Mira (W)
8. Greg Fitzsimmons (Th)
9. Chris Cubas (W)
10. Alison Rosen (Th)
11. Margaret Cho (M)
12. Spike Feresten (Th)

When it comes to episodes, Thursday's is the skippable one, although things pick up in the second half as Fitzsimmons and Rosen get some good jokes in. But if you only have 22 minutes to devote to @midnight, you watch Tuesday's.

1. Tuesday
2. Monday
3. Wednesday
4. Thursday
5. Maybe Tuesday's Again