@Midnight Power Rankings (June 8-11)

I know I skippped the power rankings last week, because by the time I was able to watch Thursday's episode, I had a tough time figuring out where it fit in the final rankings and then it was too late. But I want to give a special shoutout to Janet Varney, who won last week's unpublished Power Rankings by a country fucking mile, killing it two Wednesdays ago.

This past week featured a lot of solid performers, but Chris Gethard's Challenger bit during the Space Porn speed round won the week for him and for the show he was on.

Individual Rankings:

1. Chris Gethard (Th)
2. Kyle Kinane (Th)
3. John Hodgman (Th)
4. Jen Kirkman (M)
5. Kevin Murphy (T)
6. Mike Nelson (T)
7. Sean Donnelly (M)
8. Brendon Johnson (W)
9. Godfrey (M)
10. Bill Corbett (T)
11. Jon Daly (W)
12. Megan Neuringer (W)

And while I'm ranking Wednesday's episode as the worst, I wouldn't call it skippable, because Brandon Johnson is on it and I love Brandon Johnson on @midnight nightstick nightstick nightstick.

1. Thursday
2. Tuesday
3. Monday
4. Wednesday