Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (June 8-12)

Another rough week for WWE content. The pre-Money-In-The-Bank slump continues, and I can only imagine what the five weeks between MitB and Battleground is going to be like. And in seven weeks, I won't even have Lucha Underground and may need to go back to watching Ring of Honor, the Sweet and Low of hour-long weekly low budget wrestling shows.


...which announces the two-hour season finale in two months, ULTIMA LUCHA. But more importantly, which featured the return of Drago, now with giant wings, who wins a four-way match to "determine" who faces Prince Puma for the title at Ultima Lucha. I use quotes because I've had the final results accidentally spoiled for me, but it should be interesting nonetheless.

And next week promises a one-match, one-hour show with an Iron Man match between Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma that should be one for the ages. Even the anticipation for that would make Lucha better than...


...I got caught up with two episdes of this, which was pretty easy because 3/4 of the shows consisted of tag matches full of HOSSES. Big brawlers. Lots of big brawly Americans who didn't or couldn't cut it in the American promotions like Luke Doc Gallows. The IWGP Intercontinental match between Bad Luck Fale and Nakamura was great, mostly thanks to Nakamura carrying a classic medium sized guy vs. brute match. The ending was weird because it served a story I wasn't privy to, but the rest of it was good enough to beat...


...The big takeaway from NXT this week is that, with the top of the card injured or busy or Tyler Breeze, NXT is returning to the mistakes of it's past. Mojo Rawley is back, teamed with Zack Ryder, and he's dancing more, which I'm pretty sure nobody said was the problem with his character before. Baron Corbin is back to squashing dudes and glaring. Bull Dempsey is back, but since he was a shitty Kevin Owens knockoff before they hired Kevin Owens, now he's a funny fat guy who can't stop eating. On the upside, Samoa Joe wrestled, on the downside, it was a squash and he didn't look significantly different from the last time I watched TNA. But at least it wasn't...


...I wish there'd been more to the Ziggler/Rolins match beyond "unspecified TV match", because I like watching both guys, but beyond that and some Neville antics, there was very little going on here. But a bit more going on than...


...which explored the idea of longer matches this week, at least for the first two hours. Fans like longer matches, right? Well, sort of. Nobody needs twelve minutes of Randy Orton vs. Sheamus. Or Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane. Ten minutes of Kevin Owens vs. Neville? Fuck yeah, but Owens had to win and I'm not sure Neville was the best guy to take that role. I mean, certainly, when you've booked one on one matches between six of the seven Money in the Bank participants, Neville makes the most sense to be the odd man out in the only watchable segment of the show, I'm just not sure how much it helps Neville to be putting Owens over in his feud with Cena.

Anyway, the rest of the show was poo. Fast-forwardable poo.