Oh, The Metahumanity: Imminent Hiatus Edition

And so, Oh The Metahumanity enters the summer hiatus, having blasted through the final four episodes of Daredevil over the course of two days this weekend. So that covered a lot of ground.

When I left off, Foggy had just found Matt's identity and ninja-diced body. The fallout from that rippled through the final four hours, only resolving itself really in the last half hour. Other plot twists I will mention vaguely include the Wesley thing, the champagne thing, the Madame Gao thing, and the Ben thing, Two of those were huge surprises. One I sort of saw coming. And one helped prove what I've long suspected about this first series - it's not one origin story, it's two.

I thought Wilson Fisk became The Kingpin when, with Vanessa's guidance, he conquered his rage and uncertainty and took control of the various crime organizations. But I was wrong. He becomes The Kingpin once everything crumbles around him, and he's a goddamned monster.

The parallels are obvious. Both Murdoch and Fisk spend the series thinking of themselves as saviors of Hell's Kitchen, even if they're saving it by morally dubious means. By the series' end, they've both decided what they really are, and end up the classic polar opposites we've known them as.

And through it all, the show hits it out of the park with the tone, the mood, and the acting. Foggy has the "why didn't you tell me you were a superhero" conversation with Matt, and made it work, when less than a month ago, I watched the same conversation between Iris West and Barry Allen with nothing but annoyance. I said at the time, if not here then elsewhere, that the whole "who should you tell you have superpowers" question is a largely unexplored area of etiquette and social interaction, and lots of shows treat the phrase "you should have told me" like a commandment without any backing.

But with Daredevil, it's believable, because the Foggy/Matt relationship has been built on a solid foundation for 10 episodes, and then the show goes the extra mile with flashbacks to fill in the gaps the show's only alluded to. You may not believe Matt should have revealed his powers, but there's no way to not believe Foggy thinks he should have, for valid reasons, and how this revelation has affected both of them deeply.

Oh, and we got the costume, and it's fine? Maybe show it to me in decent lighting when it's not moving? Or maybe don't, now that I thinkn about it, because I'll probably be mildly annoyed with the realistic body armor aspect of it. Can't we just say it's made out of Magic Simple-Jack Armor Fabric and make it a little less obviously armoresque? Minor nitpick, I know.

So, where from here? The show's been picked up for a second season. I don't know what that second season means for the original Netflix plan of four Hell's Kitchen shows and a Defenders crossover miniseries. I don't know if we'll be seeing Matt Murdoch in the Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, or Luke Cage shows. Obviously the big loose end hanging for Season 2 is Nobu and the Hand ninja clan, plus the followon to the incarceration of Wilson Fisk. There's plenty to work with there, and after this first season, I'm confident they'll be able to handle it.