Oh, The Metahumanity! (Powers Finale Edition)

And that's season one of Powers.

The final two episodes were a mixed bag. The Wolfe story wrapped up about as successfully as their effects budget allowed. The root of that plot was always the Wolfe/Walker/Royale relationship, and that's explored nicely in a few scenes.

The plotting of the finale is also fun, with nested plots and schemes and the viewer left in the dark as to actually who has the upper hand at any given moment until everything shakes out. And nicely, the scheming and planning leads to a generally unexpected-by-everyone result, which is as it should be. The mix of two parties' contingency plans leads to Wolfe's escape and the big ending.

The whole Black Swan thing just lost me, though. I can't find any references to Triphammer's global chaos clusterfuck in the comics (caveat: minimalist Googling was all I did) and so it seems to have been a cheap way to give what was essentially a small conflict a "save the world" element it completely and utterly did not need. The show was fine with a small scope. Small scope was it's strength. It doesn't have the budget for big scope, so trying to fake it with a bunch of red dots on a world map was a mistake.

And while I do appreciate the entire first season being in some small way a different path to one of the iconic first images from the Powers comic, the "troubled character takes a small step toward happiness only to have it tragically taken away" is such a worn trope that it really rubbed me the wrong way here. Also, that's an actor I'm going to miss once the second season gets made.

And speaking of that second season, I hope that, with characters established and world built, they can actually spend most of the time on the (original) core concept of Powers - normal detectives solving superhero crimes. I know the series went nutso huge as it went along, but given that the series can't even show people flying convincingly, the more they keep the scope under control, the more successful and satisfying they'll be. And a season focusing on Kaotic Chic and the anti-Powers movement could do that nicely.