@midnight Power Rankings (May 25-28)

@midnight returned with a short week, which created a moral dilemma for me. With only three shows, I can't put Nick Swardson in twelfth place. Last place is only ninth. Maybe I was biased because they kept showing ads for his stand-up special that looked like proof Dane Cook had sex with a troll doll, but ugh. Luckily, Wednesday's show was salvaged a bit by some extended non-panel bits, including Hardwick and the @midnight studio audience doing great violence to The Rock's alleged selfie world record.

Anyway, here are the power rankings, which, as always, are arbitrary and based on perception of performance, not an actual value judgment on the individuals involved, except for Nick Swardson.

1. Doug Benson (W)
2. Tom Lennon (W)
3. Mary Lynn Raskjub (T)
4. Marc Maron (T)
5. Natasha Leggero (W)
6. Dave Anthony (T)
7. Whitney Cummings (Th)
8. Chris Delia (Th)
9. Nick Swardson (Th)

The show rankings are surprisingly close, at least between Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday's was very loose and very goofy, while Tuesday's was more contained and focused. At least this week, my preference went to goofy.

1. Wednesday
2. Tuesday
3. Thursday