@midnight Power Rankings (May 11-14)

I know this is hella late, but I had a lot more to finish on this one before I got sick. Plus, it was a fairly shitty week. None of the episodes really shone until Thursday, the only one worth catching if it's still on your DVR. Plus, no new @midnights until the Tuesday after Memorial Day, but it's looking to be a promising week, with Marc Maron and Doug Benson coming back on different shows. Anyway, here's how the rankings shook out:

1. Mamrie Hart (Th)
2. Flula Borg (Th)
3. Rove McManus (Th)
4. Al Jackson (T)
5. Paul Feig (W)
6. Annie Lederman (T)
7. Jim Jefferies (T)
8. Brett Gelman (M)
9. Kathryn Hahn (M)
10. Adam Pally (M)
11. Jessica Chaffin (W)
12. Jamie Denbo (W)

Keep in mind that I've just recently discovered Flula Borg and thus his antics did not become tiresome. Your mileage may vary.

And here are the show ratings. Let's just call it a three way tie for last place.

1. Thursday
4. Monday
4. Thursday
4. Tuesday