@midnight Power Rankings (May 4-7)

Oh, what a week that was.

Seriously, the worst @midnight from last week, Tuesday's Besser/Gabrus/Cordero, would have been a strong competitor for second best last week. Monday's is a must-see for any @midnight fan, and Wednesday's was so good you could use it as a primer to introduce people to the show. Heather Ann Campbell's Drunk Orson Welles Oscar Meyer commercial was the best thing of the entire week, but Dan Harmon edged her out overall, especially considering he completely sidetracked the opening bit with hilarious results. The power rankings!

1. Dan Harmon (W)
2. Heather Ann Campbell (W)
3. John Hodgman (M)
4. Paul F. Tompkins (M)
5. Jeff B. Davis (W)
6. Grace Helbig (M)
7. Colton Dunn (Th)
8. Jen Kirkman (Th)
9. John Gabrus (T)
10. Blaine Capatch (Th)
11. Matt Besser (T)
12. Eugene Cordero (T)

And here are the show ratings.

1. Wednesday
2. Monday
3. Thursday
4. Tuesday