Oh The Metahumanity! (May 4-7)

We are rapidly coming up on a shitload of season finales - a few more weeks and I'll have to shelve Oh The Metahumanity until AKA Jessica Jones premieres on Netflix. Or I hit my head on a sharp rock and decide to get caught up on Gotham Season 1. Anyway, lets get 'em while they're hot.


With a show like this, I don't know what I like better - being wrong, or being right? I was dead on regarding last week's Grant Ward / Agent 33 scheming. I knew they were up to something, and they were up to something. But this week, I was completely wrong about the motivations of Gonzalez and Jiaying, and that was quite possibly even more fun. Especially given what that means for Raina and her character. Nice use of Age of Ultron - not too distracting, but acknowledging it happened, which is right for where the show is now.


This episode featured Flash vs. Gorilla Grodd, a superintelligent, if vocabulary-limited, gorilla with mind-control powers and an avid dislike for bananas.

No amount of Iris Drama can take that away from us. We truly do live in a golden age. Someone should tell Iris that when it comes to superheroes, revealing your secret identity to someone because they're important to you and you want to share this new part of your life with them is very, very, very rare.


On the upside, Katana! Go Tatsu! Hope she gets to stick around after this. Also, the first season Prophecy Of Speedy looks like it's going to be fulfilled.

On the downside, unlike with Agents of Shield, I'm annoyed that my original, not-great prediction that Ollie had turned, but the reveal of the Alpha/Omega virus would turn both him and Maseo back, turned out to be something even less interesting. I am looking forward to someone finally telling me what the Actual Fucking Plan is so that I know who's succeeding and who's failing, but I guess that's a subject for the finale, not this episode.

DAREDEVIL (Episode 7):

This is the Stick episode. As far as I know. If you're farther along than me, then this is the first Stick episode. And it may be my favorite episode yet. The dynamic between Stick and Matt is so well crafted, and acted so well. Bear in mind that I haven't seen Whiplash, so I don't know how much of that they ripped off for this, but even so, so goddamned entertaining.

It was also a really good way for the show to exist in a world with superpowers without blowing the budget. Having a metahuman threat as a backdrop element to drive the Stick-Murdoch conflict was a nice touch.

POWERS: (Episodes 6 & 7):

This was a fairly quiet pair of episodes, mostly dealing with the aftermath of the Wolfe prison break, and gearing up the Kaotic Chic subplot. Lots of solid character work, only a little bit of fakey flying effects, ominous portents, etc. The biggest problem I have is that the explanation of what's going on with Wolfe, Walker, and everyone who's taken Sway is handled really clumsily.

Basically, Johnny Royale spends a couple of episodes trying to get all the Sway back because he's worried there's a problem but he doesn't know what it is. Then somehow he puts together in about three minutes, out of nowhere, that Walker could suck the power out of everyone who ever took Sway, and he tells Wolfe this, and Wolfe, in about 15 seconds, puts together that he could do it too. The show seems to be deliberately going after the question of how do people get powers and where does the power come from, which is a valid and cool question for a show like this to tackle, but if they're gonna do that, they're going to need to show their work more diligently.