@Midnight Power Rankings (Apr 27-30)

That could have gone better.

After last week's strong showing, this week was, well, not nearly as strong. The "cast of" Big Time In Hollywood episode was about as underwhelming as a cast of show can be, and really, if your time is limited, only Monday and Wednesday's shows are worth bothering with. Bonus points to Eugene Mirman even though he got redlighted - I loved his subversive speed round on the poop-powered bus.

1. Kevin Pollak (M)
2. Eddie Izzard (M)
3. Eugene Mirman (W)
4. Emily Heller (W)
5. Nate Bargatze (Th)
6. Nikki Glaser (Th)
7. Tom Rhodes (M)
8. Max Silvestri (W)
9. Steve Rannazzisi (Th)
10. Steven Tobolowski (T)
11. Lenny Jacobsen (T)
12. Alex Anfanger (T)

Anyway, here are the show ratings.

1. Monday
2. Wednesday
3. Thursday
4. Tuesday