@midnight Power Rankings (Apr 20-24)

Well, that was a fucking shocker.

The first three episodes of @midnight this week were rock solid installments featuring great, established comics and some of the show's top performers. In fact, by the time Wednesday's show finished, I was seriously considering a nine-way tie for first place - the performances were that close.

And then Thursday's show came along, with three guys I've never seen before, and MURDERED IT. Maybe they were hungry. Maybe they wanted it more. But two of the Thursday guys hit home runs, and the third hit a solid double if my sports metaphors are even remotely accurate. All four of this week's shows could have been the best show of any given week.

1. Jordan Morris (Th)
2. Sam Richardson (Th)
3. Ron Funches (M)
3. Steve Agee (M)
3. T.J. Miller (M)
3. Jimmy Pardo (T)
3. David O'Dougherty (T)
3. Maria Bamford (T)
4. Kerri Kenney-Silver (W)
4. Randy Sklar (W)
4. Jason Sklar (W)
4. Randall Park (Th)

The show by show rankings are REALLY splitting hairs this week. Consider this list even more arbitrary and capricious than usual.

1. Thursday
2. Monday
3. Tuesday
4. Wednesday