Oh, The Metahumanity! (Apr 20-24)

Another five hours of superheroic television under my bet. Everything's still ticking along nicely, but this week represented a dip in a few of the shows.


I'm really enjoying the constantly shifting alliances that have made up the last half-dozen episodes. This episode brings another cog into play, with both Skye and May/Simmons seeing Coulson working with Ward, without any of the context that would explain why Coulson thought it would be a good idea to work with Ward. Also, Kyle MacLachlan gets an even wider range of stuff to do, and nails every beat like his life depended on it. Good stuff.


The season plot continues to move along nicely, with MOAR CROSSOVERS, a fun visit to Starling City, and lots of tiptoeing around Evil Fake Wells.

Unfortunately, all of this was tied up with a shapeshifting metahuman-of-the-week that made Team Flash look, one and all, like complete morons. There are certain standard protocols that should go into effect as soon as you know you're dealing with a shapeshifter. For example, if someone's acting weird, being non-specific, and, oh, say, suddenly kissing you, IT'S THE SHAPESHIFTER KILL IT KILL IT. Also, when the shapeshifter tires thee "turn into someone you care about right in front of your face to mmake you hesitate" trick, don't fucking hesitate. You watched them change. Why would you hesitate?


This was an odd episode in which SHOCKING THINGS happened only they were all telegraphed and obvious so none of them were that shocking. The only thing that wasn't obvious from the setup and last week's preview was The Great Boning, but that particular relationship's been so on again off again for the past year that another cycle of on again off again is a bit of a copout.

Also, Oliver agrees to take the position of Ra's Al Ghul, but he doesn't get to yet, so until then he gets to be The Arabic Arrow? Arrowbic? Spiffy new outfit, but it seems weird to put all this work into fulfilling Oliver's "destiny" and then park him in a vice-destiny for a while.

DAREDEVIL (Episode 4):


This episode had three parallel plots - one, establish Wilson Fisk as a character by making him kind of an obsessed weirdo with a brutal temper. Mission accomplished. Two, show Daredevil to be a complete badass in a different way than previous episodes. Accomplished. And three, forward Karen Page's almost entirely disconnected side story, which if it were its own thing would kind of bore me but as part of the larger picture it's fine. Looking forward to Murdoch's exploration of some kind of body armor.

POWERS (Episode 5)

Ah, so there's the budget limitations wall right there. I appreciate what they were trying to do, but close-ups of people flying is really beyond most shows with three times the budget of this one, and in Powers it just looks weird and off.

Otherwise, solid stuff, with the capture of Wolfe, serious secret weirdness between him and Walker, and Retro Girl action. The one subplot that's really not doing it for me is the anti-Powers kid. That could really stand to step up the pacing.


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Know Your Limitations

I like that you recognize the fact that you're not worthy to write about DC's awesome Commissioner Gordon show. Think it's just a coincidence that Marvel announced so many movies after that came out? No, they're running scared from that and the Aquaman film.

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