Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup (Apr 20-24)

This week's Wrasslin' Wroundup asks the question: why aren't you watching Lucha Underground? Do you not have El Rey? Do you despise pro wrestling? Or are you just incapable of feeling joy in your heart. Because...


...killed it so hard this week it's like the rest of the shows were in a three way tie for last place even though none of them were awful by their own standards. And there were only two matches! Sexy Star vs.. Pentagon Jr. was the intergender match I've been waiting for since Sexy Star debuted, with Star winning, it not being booked as due to a fluke or interference, and with the booking based less on the genders and more on the established skill levels.

And then there was the Trios Championship, which took up well over half the show, took Match of the Week, Match of the Month, and what may well be the single greatest spot of the year:

...making it way, way better than...


...which is really treading water lately. It's only in this spot because of the women's triple threat match for the #1 Contender spot, which had strong wrestling and a clever finish. And the bit at the end with Zayn attacking Owens. The rest were just squashes or extended squashes telling no stories and furthering no plots. C.J. Parker's not gone yet thanks to the magic of pre-tape, and his farewell tour of being squashed was an underwhelming match with Hideo Itami that reminded me more of Itami's debut than his recent work. But it was still...

...slightly bettter than...


...which was surprisingly solid almost despite its content. The story stuff, with Kane and Orton and Rollins and HHH, was like two or three times as effective as this kind of thing usually is. There was an aspect to the acting, especially out of Kane, that seemed so much more natural than usual. I don't know why it happened but there should be more of it.

I'm reserving judgment on the lame ending to Miz/Mizdow to see if they have plans for Sandow after this that will let him shine. I mean, you'd think they wouldn't have him lose the brand to The Miz without a firm plan in place, but that's not how the WWE operates.

I mean, I still don't really give a shit about Extreme Rules or any of the matches in it. Well, except for the hilarious grammatical hoops announcers have to go through when discussing the apparently trademarked "Kiss Me Arse" stipulation between Sheamus and Ziggler. But at least Raw...

was a bit better than...


...which, granted, had a tag match with Ziggler and Neville fighting Sheamus and Barrett, and let Neville get the pin on Barrett. I wonder if they're cuing up Neville for Barrett's opponent in case Daniel Bryan's mysterious injury keeps him out of the PPV on Sunday.

And the crowd was hot for the main event, but I couldn't get into any match where Roman Reigns and Luke Harper were two of the participants, so most of the rest of the show was kind of a dud.


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Roof dive

I usually skip the wrasslin' wroundup, but you were right: that roof dive is worth watching. I suspect pro wrestling would not typically benefit from slo-mo replay, but I'd love to see that move in more detail.

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