@midnight Power Rankings (4/13-16)

@midnight Power Rankings

A very, very solid week for @midnight. Tim Minchin returned, and did better than his first outing, although I don't think the format really suits him. Or he might have just been distracted by Rhys Darby, who put on another bravura performance. You could watch Minchin and Fulcher just watching him in wonder to see what would come out of his mouth next.

This is definitely the most distributed power ranking to date, with three different episodes making up the top three. But what can I say? Guy Branum and Kurt Braunholer are two of my favorites.

1. Rhys Darby (Th)
2. Guy Branum (M)
3. Kurt Braunholer (T)
4. Tim Minchin (Th)
5. Arden Myren (M)
6. Mike Lawrence (M)
7. Megan Neuringer (T)
8. Ian Edwards (W)
9. Chris Delia (W)
10. Rich Fulcher (Th)
11. Adam Cayton Holland (T)
12. Fahim Anwar (W)

Overall, a solid week. If you skip any, skip Wednesday, but even that one is only relatively the worst, and Ian Edwards kills it pretty hard.

1. Thursday
2. Monday
3. Tuesday
4. Wednesday