Oh, The Metahumanity! (Apr 14-17)

I'm going to be making a concerted effort to make time for one episode each of Daredevil and Powers going forward. We'll see how that works out.


Another solid episode, with more revelations that Coulson was Up To Something, some nice business at the end of the episode, and the long-awaited "Cavalry" backstory. It did leave me with two lingering questions, though. One, why is nobody asking Skye's mom "hey, weren't you vivisected by Daniel Whitehall a couple of decades ago?" And two, why'd we have to go to the gendertastic well for May's deep emotional trauma? It was effective, but the other plot already had mom drama, so this was laying it on thick.


Robobees are awesome. Alternate timeline headache memories are awesome. Felicity and Ray are awesome. Iris continues to be a problem. Even when she's in the right, in the sense that the whole "don't tell Iris that Barry is The Flash" thing is stupid, she still comes off as awful, because Barry's police work explanation is a good explanation and she turns it around into a pointless ultimatum meant to continue the IRIS DRAMA. And nobody likes Iris Drama. It's The Flash's version of Australian Fry Cook Ra's Al Ghul.


Speaking of which, another episode where the inverse relationship between quality and amount of AFCRAG holds true. The life-scrambling shitstorm that Ra's has brewed up is infinitely more compelling as a villain than Ra's himself. I called the Roy fakeout but for the wrong reasons, and thus the two big shifts at the end of the episode were surprises to me. Looks like Roy's gone for good, according to the news, but the other twist is going to be resolved very soon, as will the question of "How can Caity Lotz go to the spinoff show?", if the previews are anything to go by.

And then there's the whole "metahuman not from the partical accelerator explosion" thing. Is that setup for Arrow stuff down the road? Flash stuff down the road? Or The Spinoff? It is a mystery.

DAREDEVIL (Episode 3):

Intrigue! Skull-crushing! Self-impaling! Drama! Kingpin a little bit! Goddamn, this show is brutal. But the fight scenes are unlike anything I'm seeing on television today, and the acting continues to impress. Also, the show shows surprising restraint and trust in the viewer, letting you figure out a lot of what Matt is doing with his powers through context, and even keeping his attempt to maybe throw the case up to the viewer.

POWERS (Episode 4)

I can only assume the foley artists of Powers and Daredevil had a bet going on, because there's a serious one-upsmanship in the squelch arena between the two shows. The gore here is turned up to a thousand, with Eddie Izzard's escape attempt drowning The Stack in gallons and gallons of blood. The sense of menace is real, and so is the sense of "what the fuck is going on with Christian". Looking forward to answers and resolution.


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Why are you even bothering to talk about DC shows when this week's release of the Batman/Superman trailer makes it obvious that the movies will make the television universe something we wouldn't bother to scratch off if it landed on our balls? Those of us who thought it was a stupid idea to have separate continuities or any doubts about Zach Snyder's DC universe all probably feel pretty stupid now.


Oh, they're just placeholder shows to tide me through the night. You know. Before the dawn of justice.

Wonder how Zach Snyder feels about being a bit shown up by the Fantastic Four trailer. I mean, F4's not going to be good, but they cut a decent trailer out of it finally.

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