Nyko Modular Charge Station for PS4

Part of being an OLDNERD is having a lot of game controllers. Part of having a lot of controllers is making sure they're all charged. Some of them (WiiU, XBox One) use regular batteries, so it's easy enough to pull from the pile of Eneloops and other, lesser, NiMH rechargeables.

For two generations now, though, Sony's used built-in rechargeable batteries. For about a year now, I've managed my four Dual Shock 4's with the standard Micro USB cables plugged into the front ports of the PS4, but between some bad cables and a total of five Dual Shock 4's in the house (4 for the PS4, one for the PSTV), things were getting unwieldy.

I settled on Nyko's Modular Charge Station because it works by, essentially, setting the controllers on top of the PS4, which is something I was doing already. The charger is an L-shaped piece of plastic that plugs into the PS4's two front USB ports, rests on top of the PS4, and has two custom charging ports that match with a pair of controller dongles.

The dongles plug into the Micro USB slot on the bottom rear of the Dual Shock 4's, and wrap around underneath. So you set the underneath dongle part in the recessed ports on top of the charge station which is on top of the PS4 and boom, they charge while they're sitting there. It's very clever and incredibly convenient.

The only drawback is that the positioning of the charge station, taking up the center part of the section to the right of the PS4's weird off-center arbitrary dividing line (if you have a PS4 you know what I mean) means there's not really room for two more non-charging controllers on top of the PS4. If they made a four-port version, or just had it bumped so it was flush with the right edge of the PS4, that'd be better.

But it's still good enough that I have four more "replacement" dongles coming from Nyko so that all five of my Dual Shock 4's (I have a fifth one for the PS TV upstairs because I am a huge nerd) can be charged without dongle-swapping, which as we all know is very risky behavior that the Surgeon General has warned us about.

At around 20 bucks, I can't think of a better, more elegant charging solution. Well, except for the four-port version I wish existed. But for what actually exists, this is the most elegant.