@midnight Power Rankungs (Apr 6-9)

A bit late on these, because Daredevil

On the downside, this past week had two clearly missable episodes of @midnight. On the upside, for the first time in a long time, the Thursday show was the funniest show of the week, which means I need to snag/watch the uncut version. It was an unofficial Pete Holmes Show reunion, plus, R2-D2. Can't go wrong there.

Pete Holmes (Th)
Matt McCarthy (Th)
Jamie Lee (Th)
Will Forte (W)
Kristin Schall (W)
Doug Benson (M)
Horatio Sanz (Th)
Justin Willman (M)
Jade Catta-Preta (M)
Jessimae Peluso (T)
Andrew Santino (T)
Adam Ray (T)

Holmes and McCarthy were neck and neck for the top spot right until the final round, when McCarthy stumbled in the final round. Luckily, the show rankings ended up much easier.

1. Thursday
2. Monday
3. Wednesday
4. Tuesday