Oh, The Metahumanity! (Apr 6-12

Oh The Metahumanity

Bye week for Flash and Arrow this week, so I've put off Oh The Metahumanity to encompass the premiere of Daredevil and some of my Powers catching up.


This show is firing on all cylinders right now. Hunter and Coulson on the road is fucking golden. The Fitz and Simmons swerve was a thing of glorious beauty. The Inhumans' secret camp was a bit to obviously full of lies and culty for my taste, but a certain individual's recovery from decades-old vivisection was something I was not expecting and desperately want to know more about. And we've got Mockingbird in the classic "oh shit what have I done" mode that anyone in the position of "traitor for what they thought were the right reasons" go through.


Three episodes in, and what I'm liking best about Powers is how it successfully keeps its scope limited. Flash and Arrow's scope is at the city level and frequently feature existential threats to the entire city or cities. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is global in scope, as befits its role in the MCU. Powers is smaller. It takes place in a city, but it really feels more like it lives at the precinct or neighborhood level. Partly because of the budget, partly because of the writing, it just feels smaller, and that's not a bad thing.

Also, I fucking love Dr. Death, the coroner who has taken very poorly to having to live in a world that is constantly violating previously established laws of physics and biology. He's only in episodes for a few minutes, but every second of those minutes is pure awesome.


Daredevil is important, both for Netflix and for Marvel. It kicks off a quartet of street level, Hell's Kitchen based series set in the MCU, and it's important for everyone involved that they get these right.

They must have agreed with me, because right out of the gate, with two episodes under my belt, this show is CONFIDENT. All the acting is strong, the writing is solid, it's very, very Daredevil whwile still being tied into the MCU a tiny bit.

And oh, that hallway fight in the second episode. There have been a few great hallway fights in hallway fighting history, and this one joins their ranks by somehow managing a balance of brutality, honesty, and a visual wit that really stands out.

Looking forward very much to the next 11 of these.


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You're only two episodes in

You're only two episodes in so I don't want to reveal too much but my favorite part so far is a part where the Kingpin, a guy who could rip off your arm and beat you to death with it, looks nervous and vulnerable. This show is so good that I broke my vow to only watch two episodes a week and am now up to number eight. I'll regret this when it's all done.

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