What The Fuck Is A Chickstar?

It's rare that one trip to a fast food joint gives me material for both of my websites. Here we'll talk about the good part, but tomorrow on YAD, we'll talk about the bad part.

The good part is the ridiculously named Chickstar, Taco Bell's newest... sandwich? OK, some quick history.

Taco Bell got the grill presses quite a few years back for the Grilled Stuft Burritos, which were really good when they didn't put lettuce in them. This led to the OK quesadillas, the little tiny grilled burrito things I'm forgetting the name of, and the Crunchwrap, which was a loaded tostada wrapped inside a giant flour tortilla and grilled until it was roughly the size of a plate.

Very recently, a smaller version of the Crunchwrap, the Crunchwrap Sliders debuted. The Chickstar takes the Crunchwrap Slider and replaces the tostada with two spicy chicken tenders. The tenders, a sauce, some cheese, and some lettuce and tomato are wrapped into a large, but not giant, flour tortilla and flattened and grilled into a pentagonal pseudo-sandwich.

And oh, is it wrong in all the right ways. It's everything you want in a fast food fried chicken patty sandwich, crossed with the upper end of the Bell menu where they put the better sauces like the mango barbecue sauce on mine.

Be advised - it's bigger than it looks in the ads. We're talking roughly the biomass of a quarter pounder. It's two full-size chicken tenders on the inside, so in your "how much Taco Bell do I need" math, treat it like two tacos or two of the small burritos.

Other options include bacon ranch, which sounds kind of nasty; and chipotle, which should be fine. Taco Bell's chipotle sauce is neither special nor offensive.

There also appear to be one-tender versions without the cheese, lettuce, or tomato in the above flavors and a "jalapeno honey", but I'd go for the Chickstar because, well, it's CALLED A CHICKSTAR.