Oh, The Metahumanity! (Mar 31 - Apr 1)

Another rock-solid week on the Big THree superhero shows, marred by just a couple of big stupids.


Mark Hamill as a Hannibal Lectery Trickster telling some punk kid "I am your father"? Hells yes. That's just pure, unmitigated fun.

And goddamn, I was so close to my crazy "There Are Two Harrison Wellses" theory that even I never truly believed in being correct. There were two Harrison Wellses! They just coexisted for about six seconds total. Oops. Still, good call to add an extra layer of pathos to the Wells/Thawne story. No arguments there.


With the exception of the Australian fry-cook they inexplicably hired to play Ra's Al Ghul getting more screen time and the very end of the episode, this was a continuation of the big Arrow upswing from last week. Ray Palmer got injected with shrink-ray nanobots! The entire city knows Oliver is the Arrow! Big police chases!

I hope they don't undo the secret identity reveal. I also hope Ray In Prison turns out to be better than it seems on the surface, because right now it seems a lot less valid than, say, just freeing Oliver and going into hiding.


How many gears does this show have? It started Season 1 in a very low, sluggish gear, but once they hit Winter Soldier, every four or five weeks it seems to kick things into a whole other gear.

Lucy Lawless flashbacks! Lots of face-kicking! Simmons tricking Mockingbird! May hiding in the walls! SECRET ELEVATOR. And the episode's new status quo, with O.L.M.O.S.H.I.E.L.D. in charge, Coulson and Hunter on the run, and Skye with the Inhumans? Again, very difficult to argue with any of this.


One week away from the Daredevil premiere. I'm not going to have anywhere near the free time needed to binge the entire season. As it is I'm going to try to use the Flash-Arrow one week hiatus to spend some quality time with Powers.

Also this week, the news broke that the new spinoff from Flash and Arrow would, in addition to Atom, Firestorm, Captain Cold, and somehow maybe Sarah Lance Black Canary, be including future time traveler Rip Hunter and MOTHERFUCKING HAWKGIRL. Interest level rising.