Oh, The Metahumanity (Mar 24-25)

I'm not sold on the format I used last week, but I still want to talk about the plot developments on the big three superhero shows, so let's just get into it in a more straightforward way.


Nicely done - it's rare you see a time travel undoing things story that starts right off the bat with the Captain Sensible notion of eliminating the threat right at the beginning. Which of course reveals a different threat hiding in the background.

I'm not sold on the show's take on Snard's sister ("Golden Glider" in comics), but I am sold on Barry's weird Faustian bargain with Captain Cold. Also, for the first time, the cringing at Barry and Iris is intentional. Plus we all still know the truth about Wellsthawne, a reporter got killed, and it looks like that's going to all come to a head sooner rather than later. I approve.


Best episode of Arrow in a while, largely due to substituting The Atom for Shitty Australian Ra's Al Ghul as the primary antagonist. I'll be expounding on this at length when I can, but Shitty Ra's is one of two huge problems with the season, and this is the second time he's been shown up as an antagonist in recent weeks.

It was so much fun I almost wish they'd stretched it out, instead of giving it half of an episode that spent the other half with the Minimalist Suicide Squad. Not much of a squad, really - Lila, Diggle Tagging Along, Deadshot, and Cupid. The redemption of Deadshot seemed a bit forced, but the rest of it was fine.


What I like about AoS right now is that they've got three or for simultaneous plot threads going on right now, and they actually have the characters somewhat acknowledge that and seem frazzled and pulled in different directions.

This episode gave us 40% Agent Ward, 40% RealShield, 20% Skye The Inhuman, and 0% Kyle MacLachlan And The Other Inhumans, but that's OK. I'm worried they're going to resolve RealShield too quickly next week thanks to the preview, and waste Olmos, but we'll see how it goes.


I'm falling badly behind on Powers (only #1 watched still) which is especially problematic since we're about two weeks away from Daredevil.


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We are finishing Season One of Skye's Besties right now and I want to read your keen insight about what's ahead.

I blame Hunter for the downfall in destination television. And Manimal.

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