Weekly Wrasslin' Roundup - Pre-Wrestlemania Edition

Let's face it. The Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup is really just an exploration of whether Lucha Underground or NXT were better that week. That's never going to change.

Take this week. Raw was boring and Smackdown was barely a show, with an opening match and a closing match and nothing but Wrestlemania hype in the middle. Of a two hour show. Thank fuck for DVR's.

MATCH OF THE WEEK: Kevin Owens v. Finn Balor, NXT Championship

Kevin Owens, nee Steen, is my favorite wrestler working today. He's very good in the ring, though not spectacular, but the thing about Owens is, every single thing he does in the ring, you can see his character in. Every. Single. Thing. And he's got range. He can play Comedy Face, Serious Face, Determined Heel, and Evil Heel all equally well, and his body language and wrestling changes each time. Even the same moves look and feel different depending on his character. He's amazing.

Finn Balor is pretty fucking amazing too, so their match on NXT was my favorite. They devoted the last half of the show to it, it told a great story that kept Finn strong AND still demonstrated Owens' dominance. Great stuff.

SHOW OF THE WEEK: NXT but only because I can't cop out and call it a tie.

The other half of NXT was a perfectly cromulent women's match between Alexa Bliss and Sascha Banks for the women's title.

Lucha Underground had three solid matches that featured Son of Havoc turning face, dumping his evil girlfriend, and winning a match; Alberto El Patron (aka former WWE star Alberto Del Rio) winning an OK bullrope match for a Mexican promotion's belt, and Prince Puma retaining against Cage for the LU Championship.

All three were very good matches. None of them were up to the standard set by Owens/Balor. So it's very, very close, but I'm giving it to NXT partially out of pity because they were so sub-par the last couple of weeks.