@midnight Power Rankings: 3/16-19

Another week, another set of @midnight Power Rankings. As always, this is a purely subjective ranking based upon show performance and not a judgment on the individuals involved, their talent, or any effects of writing and editing.

1. Ron Funches (W)
2. Ricky Velez (M)
3. Alice Wetterlund (M)
4. April Richardson (T)
5. Jesse Joyce (M)
6. Paul Scheer (T)
7. Erinn Hayes (Th)
8. Rob Huebel (Th)
9. Sean Patton (T)
10. David Wain (Th)
11. Bianca Kajlich (W)
12. Rick Glassman (W)

For future reference, the odds of Ron Funches ever not topping the Power Rankings in a week he appears on @midnight are slim as fuck because Ron Funches is awesome and is easily in my top five list of ideal @midnight panelists.

Two, count them, TWO "The Cast Of..." episodes this week, with Undateable on Wednesday and Children's Hospital on Thursday. Monday's show won the week once again.