Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup, 3/16-20

Shows watched: Monday Night Raw, Lucha Underground, NXT, Smackdown

Still behind on: New Japan Pro Wrestling (three weeks behind, watched two over the weekend, one OK one good.)

Match of the Week:

Mil Muertes vs. Fenix, Grave Consequences, Lucha Underground.

Holy shit. Holy shit. Holy shit. As the chant goes. So many firsts for Lucha Underground. First casket match. First bleeding wrestler. First watchable casket match in pro wrestling history that I know of. So much to like about this match - using the casket like a weapon in a hardcore match, the decent story that built to the match, the incredibly inventive brutality, the pacing. I was hoping it'd be OK, and it turned out incredible.

Show of the Week: Lucha Underground

Another off week for NXT allows Lucha Underground to take the prize two weeks in a row. NXT improved, but had a lot of filler about fan interaction, a mediocre match between Kalisto and Tyler Breeze, an inconsequential women's match, and then Kevin Owens beat the shit out of Alex Riley to set up Balor/Owens next week, which I'm expecting to take Match of the Week next week.

Lucha Underground, even without the casket match, had Aerostar and Drago flipping around The Temple like crazy people as part of their Best of Five series, and more of Big Rick vs. The Crew, which I don't really care about as such but is being handled competently at least.

Raw was better than last week, but still treading water on the road (river?) to Wrestlemania. No real solutions to the Roman Reigns problem, although they did touch on Brock Lesnar leaving WWE at least.

As before, on both shows, the most watchable parts included exactly half of the cast of the Intercontinental Clusterfuck Ladder Match, with Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, and Dean Ambrose doing their thing, Bad News Barrett being fun half the time, and Luke Harper, R-Truth, and Stardust unfortunately doing theirs.

Which is a bit unfair and unkind to Cody Rhodes, who is decent in the ring and decent in his Stardust gimmick, but who seems totally out of place in this grouping. Not out of place like Luke "why is he a singles wrestler" Harper or R-"Why is he on my screen at all" Truth, but the biggest placeholder of the bunch, especially after what seems to be a very lackluster blowoff to his split with Goldust a few weeks ago.

Anyway, the Smackdown gauntlet was better than the Raw six-man, because it was booked smartly and gave the right people the right amount of time to shine. The rest of both shows could have been safely fast-forwarded through without missing much. Well, OK, I'll grant you, the Rusev/Cena contract signing had a couple elements of awesome in it.