@Midnight Power Rankings: Mar 9-12

Right, I'll be trying out a bunch of ideas as OLDNERD moves forward. So this week, as I got caught up on @Midnight, everyone's fovorite comedy game show since Bunk got cancelled, I thought I'd just rank the comedians' performance over the course of the whole week.

This isn't judging them as people, or even as comedians. It's just how they performed on the show, knowing that writing and editing and whatnot play a big role so it's nothing personal

That said, clearly, if there's one episode to catch from last week, it's Monday's - first-rate stuff from all three comedians. The rankings:

1. Mamrie Hart (M)
2 Jonah Ray (M)
3. Yassir Lester (M)
4. Emily Heller (W)
5. Nikki Glaser (T)
6. Whitney Cummings (Th)
7. Randy Liedtke (W)
8. Beth Behrs (Th)
9. Brendon Walsh (W)
10. Jonathan Kite (Th)
11. Seth Herzog (T)
12. Mark Normand (T)

Small kudos to Beth Behrs, who clearly enjoyed herself and did pretty good for a "the cast of..." episode. and Randy Liedtke, whose occasional moments of insanity livened up an otherwise weak episode.