Weekly Wrasslin' Wroundup

Shows watched: Monday Night Raw, Lucha Underground, NXT, Smackdown

Still behind on: New Japan Pro Wrestling (four weeks behind by now)

Match of the Week:

Johnny Mundo v. King Cuerno, steel cage, Lucha Underground.

Lucha Underground's first (I think) steel cage match did not disappoint. Good story, lots of innovative offense, and good pacing, which is especially difficult in a cage match. Mundo wins with End of the World of the top of the goddamned cage.

Show of the Week: Lucha Underground

Normally, Lucha Underground and NXT would be competing for this slot every week, but a strong six-man tag main event on Smackdown edged it above a much weaker-than-average NXT that basically treaded water and/or introduced some fairly uninteresting matchups for the future.

Raw and Smackdown continued their inexorable march toward Wrestlemania Thirty Onegoodmatch. On Smackdown, Mark Henry confronted Roman Reigns for no reason, so that Reigns could spear him through the barricade and then Mark Henry could really obviously tell the world that Roman Reigns has earned his respect. Two weeks to Wrestlemania and WWE still thinks this is the way to get crowds behind Reigns. What the fuck.

Raw was barely watchable, or at least I assume it was because I barely watched it, but they recap all the important things eight or nine times, so I did get to see John Cena essentially torture Rusev into giving him a Wrestlemania match. Given how the Return Of The Authority happened (with Cena forced to surrender to a terroristic threat from Seth Rollins) it seems morally inconsistent for WWE's biggest hero.

Predictions for next week: NXT will improve because Kevin Owens will be wrestling. Lucha Underground's first casket match will probably be a clusterfuck. Raw and Smackdown will give us variations on the matches they've been giving us for weeks and I won't like most of them.