Things I Learned This Weekend

1. The Weather Channel app is pretty, especially after the new update, but is even less help in actually figuring out what the weather's going to be like.

2. Lamb shoulder takes longer to braise than I thought. Two and a half hours at 275 did not cut it - it needed another two and a half at 325 to cook properly.

3. Do your research on unfamiliar meats before halfway through the cooking process.

4. On a related note to #2 and #3, Wang's is a hidden treasure. Some of the most thoughtfully prepared, carefully executed, and dirt-cheap old-school American Chinese Classics I've ever tasted.

5. Middle Eastern nachos are a good idea.

For reference, Middle Eastern Nachos included tortilla chips, chickpea curry (onion, garlic, ginger, crushed tomatoes, ghee, and a mix of berbere, sumac, Rogan Josh, and Tandoori blends), shredded lamb shoulder (see #2 and 3) glazed with some of the same sauce as the chickpease, queso chihuahua, scallions, garlic scapes, tomatoes, red bell peppers, cinnamon basil, and a big pile of pine nut hummus on the side.