Weekend Foodstuffs

Friday dinner - Trader Joe's picnic. Tried the Pollo Asado pizza on a masa crust, which is really more like a slightly disappointing huarachazo. Not bad. Might be the kind of thing that could be improved with additional toppings and a different prep method like grilling. Probably not worth the effort though.

Also tried the frozen chimichurri rice, which is rice and tomatoes and peas and chimichurri and is a very good idea in general. Something about mixing rice with a really bright, really herbal sauce works. Don't know if it's the kind of thing I need frozen convenience for, though.

And of course mini beef tacos. ALWAYS MINI BEEF TACOS.

Saturday - a late quick stop at Pei Wei for lunch after 22 Jump Street. Got the "Spicy Korean" for a change. I guess they call it "Spicy Korean" because "Salt Salt Salt Salt Chemical Flavor Bit Of Heat" wasn't selling well. Nastay.

Saturday dinner - chicken tinga quesadilla at Baja Sol - exactly as expected.

Sunday - actual time spent in the kitchen. Lunch was corned beef sanwiches, made with a bit of weird very horseradishy Tuscan mustard I found at a TJ Maxx, a green garlic mayo I made myself using green garlic from the CSA, pickles, tomatoes, cheddar cheese because the mozzarella had turned, and CSA spinach.

Dinner, because two days worth of lunch leftovers were a priority, was a Thai coconut curry with pork. Pork was marinated in soy, fish sauce, rice vinegar, sriracha, and dried Thai basil from last year's crop. Stirfried with garlic, green garlic, ginger, scallion whites, and chiles, then added CSA bok choy, a bit of daikon, red bell pepper, and thin sliced onion. Doused everything in a can of coconut milk that had been liberally whisked with Massaman curry paste.

On tap for this week - CSA-driven meals featuring lots of greens and potatoes.