Fast Casual Forkbastard


Clearly, my free time has shifted significantly in the past year and thus I need to do something about Forkbastard, which I like, but am no longer compelled to spend time crafting elaborate posts for, full of pictures, analysis, and recorded recipes.

So it's time to go fast-casual, because I did renew the domain name and I do like it.

Basically, the idea is to treat it like Twitter, but without a character limit. Shorter, quicker posts, done more a la minute or on the fly, rather than sitting in the iPad Notes waiting for me to FTP the pictures up and such. Hell, if anyone knows of a way to get Drupal to actually let me do more than basic text and actually quickly and easily get pics from my iPad camera roll to a post, let me know.

The other part of this is that I'm going to encourage interaction with the few of you who are still paying attention, and anyone else I can drag in by re-cross-promoting on YAD and Twitter. Not really a "community" per se, because ew, but certainly a small number of likeminded people with an interest in cooking. So you are encouraged to comment, and I'll probably put up a weekly post that's just for discussion on topics I'm not even initiating, for your questions or just what's going on.

Worth a shot.