HISMFV: Making My Own Indurritos

When last we left Forkbastard, I'd just tried the Indian burritos from Hot Indian Foods. About a week later, I felt compelled to try to make my own.

While they do frequently use tortillas, when you get one of the Indurritos on the roti, it's even better. And luckily, I have a regular source for good roti. Costco. I know. But they sell this giant bag of roti chapati, raw, that cook up in about a minute in a hot pan. They're awesome. And the only thing keeping them from being perfect for indurritos is their normal size, not appropriate for a full-on Mission-size burrito.

So I just made two smaller ones.

The trick to the filling is to have some brown rice made. Then, you go and make the stew-style curry of your choice - in my case, a chicken thigh and chickpea curry - and then you add in the rice to soak up any excess liquid or sauce. This produces a nice, thick mixture perfect for a burrito filling.

I also made a cabbage and carrot slaw, to provide acid and crunch. A bit of filling, a bit of slaw, a clumsy-ass roll because I don't make burritos that often, a bias cut for the photo because you all deserve the best, and boom. At-home indurrito. I'd put this at about a 70% approximation of the real thing - good for the winter months when the food trucks aren't out, but not good enough to actually replace the original. Still good though.